Artificial Turf
is Tested and 100% Safe

Artificial Turf is Tested and 100% Safe

One thing we always seek to do is provide our customers with the most information possible and the highest quality artificial turf. That means that we make sure that our synthetic grass goes through vigorous testing to produce completely safe products for homeowners and businesses. There is nothing harmful in the makeup of our artificial turf because we know that pets and small children can find a way to try and eat pretty much anything.
If they do, it is going to be ok. There will never be any risk of serious illness because our team has tested the product to make sure we came up with the perfect material for a real grass look that is safe for everyone.

The Safety of Your Kids and Your Pets is Important to Us

It is about more than meeting minimum requirements on safety for Forever Green Artificial Grass. Our relationship with our customers is essential, and we take personal responsibility for the safety of our customers, their children, and their pets. That is why we take extra time and spend more resources to make sure that our product is not only meeting but exceeding the standards for safety. If you have kids or pets, then you want them to be able to enjoy time outside. Playing in the yard is a massive part of any child or pets life. It is vital that the lawn they play on be safe because and pets especially do not always remember to refrain from eating grass.


One of the most visible ways that we ensure the safety of your kids and pets is by making our product 100% lead-free. Lead products are hazardous and you never have to worry about that or other toxic elements when you get your synthetic turf from Forever Green Artificial Grass. Contact us and find out more about all of the ways that we work to create an excellent and safe product for you and your family.

Only the highest Quality Synthetic Grass
from Turf Pros Solution

In addition to our commitment to safety, we dedicate ourselves to creating a quality product that is enjoyable for kids and pets. You never have to worry about them while they are playing outside on the turf, because you can guarantee that it is the highest quality which is a huge part of why it is perfectly safe. It is not only safe from toxic chemicals, but it is designed to be comfortable unlike old forms of turf like AstroTurf.
It is never going to create that old turf style of “carpet burn” when your kids fall because our product is made to imitate real grass. Whether you are concerned over the occasional trip and fall, or the time they decide to graze on the lawn a little bit, our artificial grass is safe for both. Call us today to find out more about the safety of our products.

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